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Republicans’ illegal acts never mentioned

David Collins (Write Back, September 4) is right in his views on the Alliance Party. Without a shred of a doubt, they now dictate to and castigate unionists like dyed-in-the-wool republicans.

They feel able to write and broadcast copiously about loyalist bonfires and pollution, yet never speak out about the biggest cause of pollution on this island, which is the continual dumping of highly carcinogenic toxic waste from IRA fuel laundering. This criminal and costly activity is polluting our water and land on a vast scale and causing a huge increase in cancers.

Alliance are virulent in their comments on loyalist criminality, yet never tackle the economy-damaging, industrial-scale racketeering, fuel laundering and criminality which takes place in Sinn Fein’s heartland of south Armagh/north Louth and is run by IRA members.

They can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ballymurphy families, but never afford the same support to the South East Fermanagh Foundation, or security force veterans, or even the families of Tom Oliver, or Paul Quinn.

Trevor Lunn MLA (Life, September 5) states when he decided to enter politics he could have stood for the Ulster Unionist Party — if they had asked him.

I wonder, if he had gone down the UUP route, would his Saul-like conversion over gay marriage have come about.


Derriaghy, Co Antrim

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