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Republic's voters shouldn't be fooled by Adams

As voters in the Republic of Ireland go to the polls on February 26, the election campaign is overshadowed by the gangland murder of David Byrne and the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr a few days later in what police chiefs fear was suspected retaliation.

While gangland murders and the criminality with various drug gangs in the Dublin area have increased, these latest murders should worry the Dublin police and, indeed, the new administration - when it is elected.

Security sources said that the attack on the Regency Hotel was a six-man operation, while video footage showed gunmen dressed in police-style uniforms with AK-47 assault rifles enter the hotel.

It is evident that these criminal gangs are using the same weaponry and tactics used by the IRA and dissident republicans and the AK-47 assault rifles may be those that were supposedly decommissioned by the IRA.

The Irish electorate should consider carefully whom they vote for, as Gerry Adams is coming across as a grandfather-like statesman and Sinn Fein are portraying themselves as the protectors of the young and vulnerable. Irish voters shouldn't be taken in by Sinn Fein and their language, as their military wing - the IRA - still exists and has carried out worse acts than those Dublin criminals.

The Irish people should vote tactically to ensure Sinn Fein does not form any part of a government coalition.


Traditional Unionist Voice, Cookstown

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