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Researching the Ripper suspect

I am researching the Irishman Francis Tumblety, born 1830, who in later life became one of the chief suspects in the Jack the Ripper case in London in 1888.

I know that he and members of his family left Ireland on a famine ship in 1847 and that Tumblety lived most of his life in the US after that.

I already know a lot about his life in the US, but I'm looking for information about his life in Ireland prior to his departure.

In all of the books written about Tumblety, not one has any details of where he lived here, where he went to school and no trace has been found of his birth certificate.

His parents' names were Margaret and James and he was the youngest of 11 children.

Does anyone have any information on his life in Ireland prior to 1847? Or would anyone know about the specific details of any visits to Ireland after he emigrated? Any leads in this regard would be much appreciated.

The family spelled their surname in various ways: Tumulty, Tumuelty, Twomblety and Francis spelt it as Francis Tumblety.


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