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Reserve sacrificed to save a ramshackle Stormont

It came as no surprise to read in a weekend paper the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson claiming his party did everything possible to save the full-time PSNI Reserve.

His famous words reflect the last minute cry of 'wolf' after all the flock has been destroyed. The PSNI has been reduced to delivering a 'fire brigade' style service but yet unionist politicians have done naught to save these valiant Reserve Officers.

We can't but note the public silence of fellow unionists over the past two years on the subject of the Reserve. They failed to come out publicly to support their retention. Is that the debt of gratitude owed to men and women who devoted so much to their country?

It was in the power of unionist politicians to deliver their case for retention at various government meetings or indeed bring down the shambolic Stormont regime if their demands were not met. But yet they did as they do best; sat on their hands and did nothing.

I cannot but praise the efforts of those in the Police Federation who have fought tooth and nail to maintain policing at the standards that we had been used to. Unfortunately those unionists within the Policing Board don't seem to have made the same effort to keep these officers in employment.

The full-time Reserve was sacrificed by fellow unionists in Stormont for the sake of political expediency to maintain a ramshackle government.

Alex Elliott

Co Fermanagh


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