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Resolving problem of plastic waste material

There has been considerable coverage in the media about plastic waste material and what a huge problem this is becoming, as most of us will have noticed.

I had an idea which would help, but it all depends on whether the material can somehow be treated to make it non-combustible. If this is achievable (and, of course, cost-effective), the likes of plastic bottles could be shredded into thin strips. Once treated, the material could then be compressed into sheets, which would be used for thermal insulation of buildings - for example, in cavity walls and roofspaces.

This would surely be worth a few Brownie (or, perhaps, that should be 'Greenie'?) points, as it would help the environment on two counts - finding a use for plastic waste and also helping to save energy.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Or, as they say in Scotland: "Where there's a hill, there's a brae".

Patrick McKay

By email

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