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Respecting all views a key part of democracy

The angry outbursts and bitterness after the EU referendum indicate that something has been actually missing in this pan-national debate.

Surely we need to recover a respect for those who disagree with us, recognising their different point of view while still maintaining our own position?

Freedom of speech and the democratic process are extremely precious commodities.

But they really need to be nurtured in an environment of respect and reverence for those with deeply held personal beliefs.

By all means let's have passionate advocates for how we relate to Europe, but let's not resort to demonising those who voted the other way.

We could well be at a crucial tipping-point in the West, as our Christian heritage seems to be a distant memory.

However, the Churches still have something significant to contribute.

Christians believe that all people are made in the image of God and deserve to be valued and respected. Political beliefs of either the Right or the Left do not alone make a great civilisation.

Let's remember our Christian roots and revive a respect for individuals with whom we disagree.


Rector of Knockbreda Belfast

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