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Respecting unionists a step towards unity

Of course, Simon Coveney is entitled to say he wants a united Ireland. What Irish man, or woman, deep in his or her heart, does not want a united Ireland? After all, we have a united Ireland rugby team.

But there cannot be a united Ireland without respect for Irish unionists in Belfast. Margaret Thatcher showed little (or no) respect for them in 1985 and Theresa May showed little respect for them last week.

Deals between Fine Gael and the Conservative Party, in the teeth of opposition in Ulster, will not bring Irish unity and, in this respect, I have had severe reservations in respect of Fine Gael's attitude to a border in Ireland, which all of us (not least the British) wish to see unchanged.

Routine denigration of the DUP and its leaders in the Irish Press cannot promote Irish unity.

I urge the brilliant Mary Lou McDonald TD to get in contact with Arlene Foster and the DUP.

Sinn Fein is peculiarly well-placed to promote harmony between the DUP and the political parties in the 26 counties.


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