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Response needed over DLA for child

There are many reasons for DLA to be turned down, but my attention has been drawn to a certain child who has suffered from epilepsy for some years and it has become apparent that these seizures have still not been controlled.

This young child finds life very difficult, having had many emergency admissions to A&E as well as frequent visits to the GP.

He suffers from other ailments, too, and it has been so sad when a letter which was received today explained that the reason for refusal was that the GP had ignored a request from the DLA to forward copies of his medical notes and has failed to do so, resulting in a refusal of benefit.

Let us look at the problem as it may be seen by the doctor. Perhaps they have no time to look after all aspects of their patients, or perhaps the GP wants extra funding apart from any extra payments received for letters of support to the patient.

Why can't the GP practice manager, with approval of the doctor, make a public statement that no such support can be given to their patients?

I am speaking for a sick child who has been denied his right to financial support and he can't speak for himself. A response would be appreciated.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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