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Response of boxer Michaela Walsh very unsporting

I AM a native of Northern Ireland, now living in Scotland. I would like to say how very disappointed I was at the behaviour of Michaela Walsh after her boxing match in the Commonwealth Games. The gold medal was awarded to her opponent – end of story.

It does not matter that Michaela was obviously very unhappy with the decision, nor does it matter that those in her corner thought she had won. The judges' decision was final.

Bad enough to show her feelings in the ring, but to continue even when on the medal winners' podium, mouthing "I won" every time the camera was on her and disrespecting the English girl's national anthem by singing Danny Boy while Jerusalem was being played was childish, unsporting and rank bad manners.

She must learn to be gracious in defeat and modest in victory if she is to be a true sportswoman.


Moffat, Dumfriesshire

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