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Response to the faith questions

Your Questions of Faith correspondent, John Burns, who featured in Write Back on February 28, must be answered.

1) God commands mankind to love Him, because when man was created he could and did. Since the Fall, man cannot love God because he will not (John 5:40).

Love is an act of the will. God gives the command and the ability to His sheep (John 6:44).

2) When Scripture says God creates evil, it means calamities and adverse events, not sin (eg Job 2:10). God tempts no one to sin. God decrees sin, but Satan and men are wholly responsible for it (eg the Cross of Christ).

3) There are no real contradictions in Scripture as it is a unity as God is simple and a trinity in perfect unity. Scripture is 100% truth (Psalm 119:160).

4) Our morality is grounded in God because He defines morality and punishes immorality and idolatry in heathen nations (Burns so-called genocide) and ultimately in hell (all the wicked) - all to the praise of His justice.

5) Unbelief is damnable because it makes out God to be a liar by disbelieving what He has said in His word (1 John 5:10).

The evidence on which to base faith is very compelling - creation, redemption and fulfilled prophecy, but man loves his sin too much to repent unless God's grace intervenes.

6) God is good, so good and righteous that He has to punish unrepentant mankind who hate Him and by their lives spit in His face.

Mankind as a whole had become so corrupt in Noah's day God had to destroy them in the flood and at the end of time will do likewise by fire.

7) Morality is summed up in the 10 Commandments, which reflect God's holy character - God first, then he revealed morals because He is the Supreme judge. All morality based elsewhere (eg in idolatry and false religions) is wickedness and immorality - witness the golden calf.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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