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Responsibility for sorting crisis lies with main parties

Having experienced Sinn Fein's economic ideas for the last 17 years, their naivety, insincerity and duplicity never ceases to surprise me. Why are we surprised when we hear deceit so often?

We must stand up against their bullying and their trying to impose outdated socialism on the rest of us.

Set aside the easy, sloppy jargon of "Tory cuts"; we need to make our political and public services more effective.

We need the DUP and Sinn Fein, as the major parties, to take a responsibility for Northern Ireland as a whole.

Many of us believe that Sinn Fein is driven by their position of having no responsibility in the Republic and using this position in Northern Ireland, where they do have responsibility. No one can ride two horses which are going in different directions.

I hold no brief for DUP, who also show a lack of understanding of what a prosperous, sharing, co-operative Northern Ireland could look like. But Sinn Fein's recent about-face outstrips anything I have seen.

The business community needs stability, honesty and integrity in order to grow, create wealth, pay taxes and create employment. We are not getting it.

Instead, we are getting petty politics.

Sinn Fein and the DUP need to sort out the current spat and develop some new form of trust and integrity for the benefit of everyone in Northern Ireland.

ALD TOM EKIN (Alliance)

Belfast City Council

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