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Rev Latimer failed to speak for the people

If Sinn Fein had hoped to hear the authentic voice of either unionism or Presbyterianism then the Rev David Latimer's must have seriously disappointed last Friday night.

Equally if Mr Latimer believes that his performance at the 2011 ard fheis was a master class in Christian witness then he is simply deluding himself.

Firstly Martin McGuiness introduced Mr Latimer saying that he would say challenging things to the Sinn Fein membership, things that would be difficult to hear. As one who heard the full speech - he didn't!

It would have been reasonable to expect Mr Latimer to have spoken up for the widow, the orphan and the dispossessed, the maimed, the damaged, the mother without a son, the father without a daughter, but nothing, no challenge, no difficult moments.

His acquiescence was nauseating, especially as a minister he had the moral authority, in fact the moral responsibility, to speak for those without a voice, for those who cannot speak, but he failed, miserably.




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