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Revealed: what First Ministers spent selling Northern Ireland

I do not have a crystal ball to claim the foreign trips by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness are a waste of taxpayers' money. Hopefully, they will encourage foreign investment here. I definitely don't need a crystal ball to see the millions of pounds of taxpayers' money spent each year on sectarian marches, parading and protests. That is money we badly need down the drain.


It's not such an outrageous sum and it was official business. When the expenses scandal originally broke, the revelations were a lot more shocking.


Noxy: And care homes, A&E departments and schools are closing due to lack of funding. No doubt the Twelfth will cost us also a few bob, not to mention the G8. At least the number of benefit-claimers has gone down, no doubt due to more people emigrating. Time to get our act together before we go totally bankrupt.


One really has to ask how these trips come about and why they are initiated? What do we have to offer anyone in Brazil? Or did they specifically ask our country's representatives to come make a presentation for investors there? Why don't they just go to see Invest NI? They have £450m to spend. Or is the cost of a phone call not enough to bother with it?

Cult Creature

Cult Creature: One of our largest private-sector employers (Moy Park) is owed by a Brazilian company, so clearly there are existing relationships between our two countries. If trips such as this lead to further business links and the promotion of jobs here, then what is the problem?


RMJM12: And why did we have to sell to a foreign investor? Are we not capable of running a company? Time to get our fingers out and get Northern Ireland back in local hands.


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