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Review would help to lessen gridlock on Belfast roads following major accidents

Last Wednesday evening saw the whole of Belfast reduced to gridlock for hours by the effects of closing the Westlink in both directions due to a fatal road traffic collision.

Every loss of a life on our roads is a matter of deepest regret and, of course, must be fully investigated to establish the cause and to see if lessons can be learned.

However, the length of time that these investigations appear to take - while continually throwing the rest of the road using public into chaos - needs to be queried. The M2 motorway was closed in both directions for a total of 18 hours recently, the A2 from Bangor to Belfast was closed for seven hours a couple of days ago, both for similar "investigations", throwing thousands of cars on to local roads totally unsuited to the resulting traffic volumes.

It is not only the long-suffering motorist that these road closures impact. These roads are major arterial routes, providing fast access to major trauma and accident and emergency departments in the RVH and other hospitals.

Does no one consider the potentially vital and lifesaving minutes lost if ambulances are delayed in these all-too-frequent situations?

What exactly are the results of these accident "investigations", because no one ever hears?

A simple plea to all those involved: sort it out, revise the processes and think of the bigger picture.


Templepatrick, Co Antrim

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