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Ridiculous bus lane fines need to go now

I read with interest the letter in Friday's Telegraph (Write Back, July 29) concerning fines in bus lanes.

My experience was exactly the same. My husband drove me down to Central Station to enable me to catch the train to Dublin.

He let me out at the entrance to the station and was caught on camera moving from the bus lane to the main lane.

I acknowledge that we broke the law, but we were unaware that we did. It was about two minutes at the most when he stopped to let me out of the car.

Again, it is money we can ill-afford and we are people who adhere to speed limits and bus lanes.

Like your correspondent, Observer, we see hundreds of people breaking the law around us.

I have appealed the fine, but I am not holding my breath for any consideration of the facts.

That day proved very expensive, as I had my purse stolen in Dublin. The £45 fine was the last straw.



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