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Right to walk is of great importance

HAVING just spent a period today sitting in the reception area of out-patients at the Musgrave Park Hospital waiting for my wife to have an appointment with a consultant, only to be informed that it could be six or seven months before a hip-replacement procedure can be carried out (in spite of being diagnosed in October last year), I would admit to a lack of appreciation of the number of people with very severe walking difficulties.

Your front-page headline, "Right to march on DUP shopping list" (April 17), is another example of our politicians waving the flag from the back of the lorry to divert attention away from the issues that they are not capable of solving.

Politicians, flag/anti-flag protesters and marchers should visit this outpatients department to consider if the right to walk is more important than that of marching?

Or do we just divert more money to senseless protests?



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