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Right, wrong and the DUP

Your correspondent RSG (Write Back, December 14) is right to hide his/her identity. I too, would be embarrassed to put my name to such an absurd letter.

The DUP was, of course, right to support the Prime Minister in regard to the European treaty veto. He did what was good for the UK.

This is in stark contrast to the Labour Party, which opposes what the Prime Minister has done simply for opposition's sake. It has yet to say what it would have done.

It is laughable for RSG to suggest the DUP and Tories are the same. I am pleased that the DUP is in bed with neither the Tories nor Labour and especially pleased that they have no link with the disastrous Lib Dems, unlike Alliance.

In the DUP we have a party that supports the Government when it does right and opposes them when they get it wrong. This is different and much preferable to what UCUNF MPs would have done - had any been elected.




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