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Rising memorial not a good idea

For the first time, I find myself agreeing with Tom Cooper and his opinions (Write Back, April 15). I refer to his letter about a memorial to British soldiers killed fighting the Easter Rising.

To erect such a memorial would not further reconciliation one iota as it would be another gesture allowing liberals to feel they've done something and look good in the media for a few days.

Perhaps Tom would support a memorial to the "disappeared" Protestant population of the Irish Republic.

I put such gestures alongside apologising for the slave trade, or some other event carried out in the distant past that has nothing to do with the apologists. We may regret history happened, but we cannot apologise for it.

The Easter Rising and subsequent events are facts of history belonging to past generations. I suggest it should be viewed by unionists the same as July 4 in the US, where the Ulster Scots, of which we are so proud, were pivotal in the American Revolution (Rising).

True reconciliation will happen when we can accept each other's view of past events.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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