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Rising population leading to crisis

The migrant crisis is being presented as a "problem" to which a "solution" is urgently required, some of which are becoming increasingly bizarre - such as distributing 10 migrants per town.

This is to misrepresent the issue, which is not a "problem" needing a "solution", but a symptom of a new phase into which humanity is entering.

This phase has already been given a name - the "anthropocene era" - in which humanity overwhelms the planet and, driven by environmental stress, habitat degradation, internecine strife and collapsing states, perhaps ultimately destroys itself.

We are not talking tens or hundreds of thousands, but tens and hundreds of millions of displaced people. Politicians and others are reluctant to acknowledge the key driver behind this transformation: population growth. Ordinary people often see large families as a natural right or divine blessing.

This approach is no longer suitable to address the greatest crisis humanity has been challenged to face: itself.


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