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Ritchie has the heart to beat her opponents

SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie wisely concludes, in her riposte to the recent WikiLeak concerning her and her party, that the authors of these reports have no "hearts" (News, June 16).

She tells us that she hasn't got "a wooden heart" - a sure reply from a woman who knows where the weaknesses of her opponents lie. Who else would assert the claims these people made except those who act mercilessly and self-interestedly to preserve their own interests?

If we took away the presentation of nearly all US and UK politicians, which is tutored to try to impress us, we find little of substance.

Listen to their words, Margaret Ritchie is saying.

They have no hearts, just tutored sentimentalism. Not since John F Kennedy and Neil Kinnock have these countries said anything important from the heart.

That, in itself, is revealing.

It reveals to us that the people who really care are not making it to the top in politics.

There's a message there and Margaret Ritchie stated it very clearly. These countries are killing their "heart" and honouring those who are motivated by other things.

Ireland, due to her history, has always had a big heart.

Margaret Ritchie should be considering running for president of Ireland right now. Her SDLP heart is fine-tuned to the needs of our country.




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