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Ritchie lacks backbone for education role

Margaret Ritchie of the SDLP states in an article in the Belfast Telegraph (News, March 2) that her party will go for the Education ministry after the next election.

She then condemned Caitriona Ruane for the policies she implemented, before stating that she will do the same - very strange.

Ms Ritchie said she is opposed to academic selection and would persuade the grammar schools to abandon selection rather than force them. But she fails to state how this is achievable, as Caitriona Ruane implemented a policy that would allow schools to move over a three-year period on a voluntary basis, yet the conservative Right has dug in.

Instead of supporting Sinn Fein in abolishing educational selection and implementing the policies Margaret Ritchie claims to espouse, the SDLP jumped ship and joined forces with the unionists in a breakaway group.

This group announced in November 2009 that they would publish their solution to the selection debate - yet we have heard nothing and it is now March 2011.

Margaret Ritchie may want the portfolio of Education, but I doubt that the people will give her the opportunity as she obviously hasn't got the backbone to see through the changes needed.




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