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Ritchie will lead the SDLP into oblivion

In the recent party political broadcast by the SDLP they began with the issue of Bloody Sunday in an effort to portray that they were behind the campaign.

The facts are that the SDLP only came onboard after Sinn Fein secured the Saville Inquiry during the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement.

In fact, a senior member of the SDLP stood in Derry and told how he was there on the day and the horrors he witnessed; however he did not feel the urgency to relate his experiences to the Saville Inquiry, although this is what the families requested.

Today I now see Margaret Ritchie proudly wearing her poppy, which remembers and honours the very soldiers that carried out Bloody Sunday and other massacres in Ireland.

Margaret is now repaying those unionist voters who gave her the nod during the recent election and you can expect more dual standards as she leads the SDLP into oblivion.




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