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Ritchie's bid for the centre is misguided

So now Margaret Ritchie wants to form a new middle-ground alliance with the UUP? Well, I suggest she takes the red colour from her party, the blue from the UUP and use white to unite the two; red, white and blue will suit her and her post-nationalist party.

She is the leader of a partionist party who operate only within the six counties; while in the neighbouring county of Donegal, Sinn Fein has just secured a truly momentous victory.

This is the same Margaret who, in her short term as leader, has signed a oath of allegiance to a British Queen, has become the first SDLP leader to wear the hated symbol of British imperialism here in Ireland (the poppy) and who now, not surprisingly, gains huge votes from the unionist community.

How long now before the party morphs to become the SDUP (Social Democratic Unionist Party) as thousands more nationalist join the only all-Ireland and progressive party: Sinn Fein?


Muff, Co Donegal

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