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Rivers Agency's flooding advice was astounding

Landowners, businesses and householders affected by the present flooding around Lough Neagh will have been astounded to hear the Head of the Rivers Agency proclaim that nothing they could have done would have reduced the level of the lough by even 1mm.

It is incredible to hear that the head of an organisation who has a responsibility to protect us all from flooding does not seem to understand the basics of free surface flow or free surface hydraulics. Every landowner and farmer knows that when your farm fields are suffering waterlogging you go to your main outlet and dredge or clean back to that area at the maximum depth required to alleviate the problem.

This same basic logic has to be applied to the River Bann - it is not rocket science. It begs the question - why do we need a Rivers Agency if its only role is to tell us they can do nothing.

J Wilson


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