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Robinson calls for TA to help with weather crisis

Good to see that our politicians are finally talking about it after their cosy weekend in front of their fireplace.

A pity that it comes too late for the poor sheep and farmers and that it has yet to result in some tangible actions. Surely, one could have predicted by Friday the impact it could have and that it required an urgent and co-ordinated response? A visit of Mr Poots in his jeans, Mr Robinson in his suit and tie, or Ms O'Neill on Monday, is a little bit too late.

Once again, the Do Nothings have confirmed and justified their easily earned description. Instead of practicing their freshly learned samba dancing skills, they should have been on the ground with snow shovels in hand, showing solidarity with their constituents. As for Michelle O'Neill asking for help from the Army, laugh out loud is my instant response to that. Ha!

Dracula's Tongue: Yeah, she asked for help for the people of Northern Ireland in their time of need. Let's get our pitchforks and hoods; time for a lynchin' a-reckons.

It's time something was done. Too late for some of the farmers who have lost a lot of their sheep.

They haven't a clue, this lot. If it's not exotic trips to Brazil, it's giving themselves a pay rise. Still, I suppose they're only laughing at the suckers who voted for them, time after time.

Classic PR stunt. It is a little reminiscent of George W Bush flying over New Orleans after Hurricane Irene (and equally as cynical). He knows full well that the TA are not about to be called out and I sincerely doubt he has the power to make that decision (thankfully).

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