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Robinson has become a more nimble Trimble

If ever there was to be a nomination for the politician that apes and mirrors the principles and philosophies of David Trimble, then surely the award must go to First Minister Peter Robinson.

Thirteen years after David Trimble first trod the boards as the modern, pluralist, inclusive unionist, Peter seems to be taking on the mantle.

Sadly, however, while on this journey from 'never, never, neverland', Peter has made some key mistakes. From any perspective, St Andrews was a failure. The promised control of ministers never materialised and the sleight of hand that changed the election of the First Minister will always be a monument to DUP power.

Even the Hillsborough Agreement, or the more recent Programme for Government discussions, have produced mixed results.

It was once said that Margaret Thatcher's greatest legacy was Tony Blair.

Clearly, the same can be said of David Trimble; his greatest legacy is Peter Robinson, the most non-DUP DUP First Minister.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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