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Robinson is only doing what is right

The announcement that Peter Robinson is going to attend the funeral of murdered police officer Constable Ronan Kerr is to be welcomed, but not praised.

The fact that, after 30 years in politics, this will, apparently, be his first attendance at a Catholic funeral is lamentable.

Over the years, many decent Catholics and Protestants have died. In the manner of their deaths each was tragic, the pain of their families was the same and our response should have been the same.

But the fact that some politicians treated them differently in death, due to their religion, was quite despicable. Thankfully, Northern Ireland has moved on. But the reality that two years ago another Catholic officer did not warrant the attendance of the First Minister (or any DUP minister) at his funeral should be a matter of total shame.

The move is to be welcomed, but it cannot be applauded because we should never have expected anything different. In fact, we should have demanded this level of common decency a long time ago from our leaders.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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