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Robinson 'liberalism' is little more than a ploy

So where have all the liberal soundbites gone? Less than a week after Peter Robinson 'the liberal' told us he would go to Mass and less than six months after assuring his party faithful that he was going to be "First Minister for all", what has happened?

Where has the utopian dream gone? How are we back to: Vote DUP to keep Sinn Fein out? Where is the positive message the DUP is delivering? How has the result of one election in the Republic cracked the liberal veneer revealing the true Peter Robinson and his 43 mini-mes?

The reality is, the 'Vote DUP to keep themmuns out' is the real DUP; the liberal 'party for all' was just a ploy, a mirage, a trick.

Peter Robinson has no more interest in progressive liberal politics than Martin McGuinness has in truth and reconciliation.

Peter Robinson's greatest wish was for a strong showing by Sinn Fein in the Republic's election so he could raise the spectre of Martin McGuiness as First Minister and these dreams have come true.

The next Assembly election will be a return to the past; the DUP will revert to type using fear to get their nonentities elected.

My only wish is that the electorate of Northern Ireland would bind together and reject the 'Troubles' politics practiced by our current First Minister.


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