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Robinson must withdraw from obscene award

There is something particularly obscene about IRA commander Martin McGuinness receiving a 'peace award' on Remembrance Day, November 11.

Equally, it is distasteful and highly-insensitive of Peter Robinson to be his joint-recipient of the award.

Remembrance Day is a very special day for all IRA victims - not least because of the appalling, unsolved IRA massacre in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday, an event which many believe McGuinness sanctioned through his pivotal role in the IRA.

Thus, to see Peter Robinson sanitise McGuinness as a paragon of peace on Remembrance Day - of all days - is appalling. I support the call from victims for Mr Robinson to withdraw from this unseemly jaunt to Dublin to receive this ill-conceived dual award.

Though he is his partner in Government, it would take things to a new low to see Peter Robinson stand shoulder-to-shoulder with McGuinness in Dublin to hear the man he once termed 'The Bogside Butcher' acclaimed a messiah of peace.

When we add the fact that tickets for this ignoble event cost €200 - far more than most IRA victims get in disability allowance - then the cause for unease is magnified.

So, I trust Mr Robinson will heed the call of victims and withdraw from this offensive escapade. It is no way to mark Remembrance Day.


Leader, Traditional Unionist Voice


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