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Robinson quick to condemn

On February 24, First Minister Robinson used Twitter to castigate the Belfast Telegraph for reporting the private sale of his Florida property. Even worse than that according to him they did not seek his input and published garbage. His party colleague Mr Spratt was among those who re-tweeted Mr Robinson's message.

Five months ago in Stormont, Mr Robinson couldn't wait to tell others about the private sale of a farm once owned by a 79-year-old man who had died.

Many DUP members smirked and raucously mocked as Mr Robinson didn't care about breaches of privacy about the out-workings of a will.

Mr Robinson had not done his homework and made allegations of involvement in the sale by Mr Allister of the TUV. Mr Robinson's DUP colleague Mrs Foster, the solicitor who had originally drawn up the will, and the estate's solicitor both vindicated Mr Allister as not being involved with the will. Despite Mr Robinson being made familiar with the facts he chose to return to the Assembly chamber and defiantly wielded the knife, making further allegations.

Mr McCullagh


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