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Robinson should stop making empty promises

In what some may see as an appalling breach of election protocol, the intervention by the First Minister, as First Minister, on the subject of the Presbyterian Mutual Society could be viewed as one of the crudest attempts to buy votes by any outgoing premier.

In an announcement, disgracefully reminiscent of last year's pre-election promise on the PMS that ultimately came to nothing, Peter Robinson again seeks to promise PMS savers money "soon". The fact that the PMS collapsed nearly two-and-a-half years ago and the Executive has not delivered one penny to savers is absolutely disgraceful.

Like so much from Peter Robinson this pledge promises much, but has no guarantee of delivery.

While I am sure the Presbyterian Church will be appreciative of this intervention, I would suggest that for the sake of its integrity and credibility, it should remind Mr Robinson he tried to pull the same stunt last year.

Last year, a few weeks before the Westminster election, the church, on the back of empty promises from the same Executive, held an emergency General Assembly and rushed through proposals, only to discover post-election, they had been sold a pup. The church and the savers of the PMS are not pawns in any election strategy.

Both deserved resolution before now and they should make it abundantly clear that any attempt to use this issue for electoral gain by any party is reprehensible.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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