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Robinson's comments are clearly unfair

The level of invective from First Minister Peter Robinson directed at Alliance is less than fair, balanced or measured.

A statesman seeking to achieve real progress might have refrained from comment, or at least have used more diplomatic and less inflammatory language.

Referring to the withdrawal of Alliance from the Stormont Shared Future Strategy Committee, the party is variously described in recent interviews as 'belligerent and bellicose', 'ludicrous' and 'irrational'. Many might describe the use of such language as 'belligerent and bellicose'.

Mr Robinson complains over what he says is an Alliance 'boycott'. Those of us with longer memories will recall that the DUP regularly adopted the tactic of the boycott as its response to most attempts to seek political progress.

Until recently, for example, Mr Robinson was part of a long standing boycott of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body.

The reality is that Alliance has long been frustrated by the fine words of some not being translated into meaningful action.

Seeking the lowest common denominator merely sweeps issues under the carpet which urgently need to be addressed.


Newtownabbey Borough Council

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