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Robinson's vow over peaceful future

The First Minister's party were the ones who kicked all this nonsense off by distributing leaflets. He should resign.


That photo of four-year-old Holly Reynolds says it all. Holly has the right to grow up in a city without fear. She has the right to grow up in a caring society and, as she grows older, she should have the right to go into her city with her friends and enjoy herself. Belfast is Holly's city and is the city of all other children living there, no matter where their parents come from. I wish you a long, peaceful and enjoyable life in your very own home town.


Jackiestream: Well said. No one has the right to destroy all of our children's future, or homes, for the sake of some ancient political views. It's only a few warmongers that profit from conflict, while the greater silent majority suffers for their actions.

Cult Creature

If the protests stayed peaceful, I think the unionist parties might have been able to gain some traction in council elections, based on the flag issue. I don't know what advantage these parties can expect to gain because of the violence. Hopefully calm returns to this troubled part of the island.


Peter Robinson makes a vow to continue with a view to a shared future, yet is involved with a forum that is only considering electoral problems for unionist parties. One of the items is to attract back the votes lost to Alliance. How is that moving forward to a shared future? The problems itemised on that agenda should be up for discussion in Stormont, so that all parties can see that it isn't a purely political problem, but one that concerns Northern Ireland as a whole.


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