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Robotic political correctness is ruining our society

As a wife, mother, grandmother and retired nurse, I look around at the world today and feel nostalgia for times past.

Not that all was good then. Or that all is bad now. But I wonder where we are going under the tyranny of a political correctness that is killing common sense, language, spontaneity and genuine humanity in our society.

Where, if you do not belong to a vociferous minority that talks about "inclusion" while practising "exclusion", you are either afraid to speak your own truth, or are persecuted and made to feel ridiculous for doing so.

This is not the world I grew up in, nor the world I wish for my children and grandchildren.

On the contrary, in spite of all we are told about freedom from the oppressions of the past, it is a world where a new, arrogant dogma is making clones of us all.

One where children, despite all the talk about "protecting" them, have by the age of eight lost all sense of the mystery of the world, because they know everything there is to know. A world that is turning us into robots. And, at the same time, fooling us into believing we have come of age with regard to the "superstitions" of religious faith.

I feel that I am not alone in thinking and feeling this way. And I hope that if the time comes when I have to stand up publicly for what I believe in, that I will not be standing there alone. In the meantime I'll carry on believing that we all belong to each other in a much deeper way than our politically correct insanity could ever imagine.


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