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Rogue landlords affect neighbours

I HAVE suffered from a rogue landlord for the past 26 years. But I am not a tenant. I am a neighbour.

This landlord bought the neighbouring house to ours about two years after we moved in. We were horrified. We knew that he would simply let his property degenerate into a state of dilapidation. And so it turned out.

For most of that period I have had to complain to the local council about him from time to time – to little avail. Since last Christmas, I have been protesting more and more vehemently and the council has – at last – been treating me seriously. However, it has had no effect at all on the landlord.

TV programmes and newspaper articles rightly condemn rogue landlords because they exploit tenants. But when will anyone ever speak up for the thousands and thousands of neighbours who have to endure not only filth and negligence, but the loss in value and saleability of their property – all through no fault of their own?


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