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Rooney responsible for his own sordid actions

According to a sports psychologist, following the revelations about Wayne Rooney's fondness for expensive prostitutes, his mind must have been on the state of his personal life and not on the game.

Fabio Capello took a risk playing him for England. According to the result though, having the opportunity to do his job appears to be a great way for Wayne to deal with his difficulties.

This same psychologist explained how easily a professional sportsman has the balance of his precious one-track mind disturbed by the strain of having to take care of himself which is why there are people who do their laundry and such like.

What a blessing for the poor pets. At least when they come in from a big night out they don't have to act with responsibility to ensure they turn up the following day suitably clothed.

I wonder on what grounds the psychologist thinks this worthy of defence. Outside of the hothouse atmosphere he defends, non-sporting heroes daily exercise responsibilities in their own lives.

As any psychologist worth their salt will tell you, this is one of the most important foundations for mental health and happiness: taking responsibility for our own lives and creating for ourselves the experience of making a difference. Why not ask David Beckham about being a grown-up professional footballer, former England captain, husband and father.

Sports psychologists - and football managers - take note.