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Rooney's years of talent are far from lost

One of my reading highlights is the eloquently expressed column of James Lawton and I consider him the finest sportswriter - certainly that I have had the pleasure of reading.

I must, however, express my objections to the reference to 'lost years' in the career of Wayne Rooney (Online, September 2).

This is a young man who, at 25, has made more than 400 appearances at the highest level of his sport. He is fast approaching 200 career goals and has won the English Premier League title on four occasions.

He also has a Champions League winner's medal and has appeared in football's centrepiece match on three occasions.

Far from having 'lost years', Rooney is a shining example of the fulfilment of prodigious talent and were he to retire tomorrow, he would surely go down as one of the most gifted and relentlessly productive footballers ever produced on these shores.

He undoubtedly endured a crisis in 2010 both professionally and personally, but the fact that he is now, as Mr Lawton says, approaching his best again speaks volumes for both his ability and professional character.


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