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Rory McIlroy to represent Ireland at the Olympics

I'm glad Rory McIlroy has decided, I wish him all the best. This decision should not make headlines Rory McIlroy is a sportsman, no need for this debate, just all, north and south, get behind him.

Roy Turner

Who actually cares who he plays for? It's his own business and decision.

Barbara Madden

Does it matter really, so long as he wins. Team GB have a lot of golfers. I'm not sure Ireland have as many. So, if he gets them on the Olympic medal tally then good luck to him!

Shirley McMaster

It seems people are making this a bigger issue than what it needs to be. His choice.

Mark Hamill

Think he knows he probably would have a harder task getting into the GB team, so of course he's gonna choose the option where he would definitely play!

Ryan Adams

And why wouldn't he?? He's Irish!!!!!

Paul McCullagh

Pleasantly surprised tbh. Though he could have walked onto that GB team, so choosing Ireland wasn't a tactical move to insure his place in the Olympics. 'mon for a gold!

Donal Caldwell

A loyalist here acknowledging this is the right decision, the TeamGB argument only exists because he's so good at his sport. Idiots who argue can easily be shut up by pointing out the GUI has existed since before partition and hasn't changed much since. GUI was formed in Belfast!!!

Paul Johnston

As he says rugby, cricket and hockey do it and he's always done it before, so why change? Sod what uniform he wears, either way he'll make us proud!


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