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Rory shouldn't be pitched into national debate

It seems the identity enforcers are on the prowl again. You'd think we would have wised up by now, but no.

For 50 years, unionists tried to tell half-a-million Catholics that they weren't Irish, but British. They'd learn to love it. We know where that got us.

Then, for at least 30 years, Sinn Fein advised a million Protestants that they weren't actually British at all, they were Irish all the time, but didn't know it.

Now, totally untroubled by their past failures, both sides are keen to tell Rory McIlroy what his identity is (News, September 12).

You may as well try telling the tide to go back, or dogs to stop barking. Haven't they realised you can't tell a man what his nation is?

You can tell a man what state he lives in, that's where he pays his taxes. But his nation? That's what he has in his heart and no one has the right to stick his nose in there.

If Rory decides what flag he prefers and what tune he likes to hum, that's up to him.

Just keep it on the fairway, Rory, and pitch it close.



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