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Rory's folks are an example of fine parenting

I sat up to watch Rory McIlroy become US Open golf champion. I was glued to the screen, completely hooked by his astonishing performance.

As I watched, I Googled him to get some background. What I found struck me more poignantly as a triumph of real humanity, rather than simply a sporting achievement.

His parents were not wealthy and his father, Gerry, took three jobs to fund Rory's lessons and tournaments. However, he stresses, "Golf was not our dream - it was Rory's."

Rory dedicated the win to his parents and thanked them for everything they had done.

This is not just a story of a young man who has taken the golfing world by storm. This is an example of true sacrifice and devotion and a demonstration of what being a parent really means.

In Rory's own words, "Mum and Dad weren't pushy parents. Only when you get to this level, do you realise how much they sacrificed."

So many people have children lightly these days, without accepting the responsibility it brings.

Making the choice to become a parent should also be making the choice to follow your children's dreams wholeheartedly.

The McIlroys are a fantastic example of parents who have given everything they can to ensure that their child grows up happy, healthy and fulfilling his ultimate potential - an achievement to match their son's.


Bushmills, Co Antrim

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