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Rose sellers, by any name a pest

I am writing with great concern about the torture and torment the public suffers from the rose sellers in Belfast.

Every night when you go out in Belfast, you are bombarded by people wanting you to buy roses and other items outside the bars and clubs.

When this first started, it was a nuisance.

However, now it is complete chaos.

We are in times of economical struggle and having people in your face asking for money for cheap items is ridiculous.

It is becoming difficult to walk down the streets in Belfast at weekends as there are so many of them and they are becoming aggressive towards those who do not wish to buy anything.

There must be something the police, council and bars/clubs could do together to reduce this.

I think this is a huge turn-off to those visiting the province and makes the place look and feel less appealing for all.

I would like to know if something actually could be done about this situation.




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