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Royal wedding cynics are just opportunists

The Anti-Monarchist group Republic have called for the full cost of the Royal Wedding to be met by the Royal Family. Although saving any public money is admirable this call is ridiculous.

Firstly because the actual cost of the wedding ceremony is likely to be very small and secondly because the real financial cost arising from security would, and should, be accorded to any public figure.

If the Royal Family wishes to save on the actual cost of the ceremony then they won't have to work too hard. I cannot imagine that a single dress maker, catering firm, florist or Church would turn down the chance to host this ceremony for free.

Simple common sense would tell you that the publicity of supplying a royal wedding would easily compensate the firm in question.

The real cost of this wedding to the taxpayer will be for security. There will have to be a substantial police presence at the ceremony and in the surrounding area. The reality of the situation is that the monarchy are public figures and that makes them a target for various terrorist organisations who would love to see the UK skimp on security arrangements.

Also as members of a society where we value the rule of law William and Kate deserve protection from those who wish to do them harm. The disproportionate cost of protecting them compared to a normal individual in no way diminishes their right to protection and to suggest that they should pay for protection is disgraceful.

As the royal wedding approaches we will hear louder and louder protests from republican groups like Republic who are seeking to exploit an opportunity to advance their agenda. This is both cynical and opportunistic and if they cannot advance their cause through purely constitutional arguments they should give up now.




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