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RUC must not become a political scapegoat


I write to applaud Dr William Matchett on his piece entitled: 'Why without the RUC there would never have been a peace process' (July 24, 2017).

Dr Matchett has done much to expose the truth behind the much politically tainted RUC, which served Northern Ireland well during our darkest days since the province's formation.

We owe a great deal of debt and gratitude to the members of the RUC for protecting and serving the entire community.

They, along with the Army, defeated the IRA, all while ensuring that our society did not fall into the hands of the enemies of freedom and democracy.

The RUC get much of the blame for 'the Troubles', prior to the RUC, it was the 'B' Specials, then it was the Army, and then the RUC was within the sights of republicanism.

RUC officers, like all security personnel, were deemed 'legitimate targets' by the IRA, with over 300 murdered and 9,000 injured.

We must not allow their name to be tainted, as this would be permitting republicanism to revise and taint their history.

Indeed, some within government have let this happen, using the RUC as a scapegoat.

It is just a shame that transparency and the truth only seems to work one way and not the other, with members of the IRA, and their political apologists, being able to dodge difficult questions.

Cllr Richard Holmes

Ulster Unionist Party

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