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RUC widow's thanks for Allister's work

I AM writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jim Allister of the TUV. Many people may not be aware that RUC GC widows/widowers cease to get their pension upon remarriage (although PSNI widows/widowers and even partners can still receive their pension if they remarry).

This has caused many RUC GC widows to forgo marriage, as it would cause them and their families financial hardships.

Political parties and members of the legal profession have been approached about this and have never come up with a solution.

Jim Allister was contacted approximately four months ago on this issue and has brought an amendment to the pension scheme, which would allow RUC GC widows/widowers to be able to remarry without losing their pension. The amendment was passed.

In light of the work that Jim Allister has done to bring this about, he should be acknowledged and thanked.


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