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Russia's reaction to Fifa crisis is incredibly funny

If Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it is that politics can be the most interesting and potent force in life.

It can start and end wars, cause and extinguish great dynasties, change cultures forever and provide endless gossip about the antics of politicians in their personal lives.

But who knew that it could also be incredibly funny? And who knew that this humour would come from the leaders of a pseudo-Stalinist dictatorship in the form of the Russian government and its response to the Fifa corruption crisis? Well, they are experts on corruption. They call the arrests and indictments of senior Fifa officials an "illegal attempt by the US to impose its laws on foreign states". They are well practised in such bullying tactics themselves, what with their machinations against Georgia and Ukraine.

Perhaps they simply wanted to corner the market on such behaviour. After all, it has been a key part of their foreign policy for years now.


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