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Sadistic monsters who torture badgers must be punished

The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the police deserve the highest praise following their recent joint operation against the sadistic monsters who get their kicks from torturing and mutilating our badgers.

What can you say about people who enjoy watching Northern Ireland’s favourite wild mammal suffer a long and agonising death while also allowing their dogs to sustain horrible injuries?

The ghouls who take part in the vile activity of badger-baiting really take callousness and cowardice to a new level and bring shame on Northern Ireland.

All of these yellow-bellied bullies need to be named and shamed and also any landowners who have knowingly allowed them onto their property to commit these crimes.

Of course, they will intimidate anyone who stands in their way, but like the cowards they are, they will do so from the shadows.

We also need an end to terrier and lurcher clubs as they are the breeding ground for badger-baiting.

Even the Countryside Alliance, which describes terrier and lurcher work as legitimate sports, must now take a closer look at its participants and re-evaluate their position because whether conducted against foxes or badgers, it is equally brutal.

Lawmakers and politicians should hang their heads in collective shame as they have all failed the badger miserably and have left these nocturnal creatures open to this horrible abuse.

Are laws not to protect the victim and punish the perpetrator? Sadly, for the badger the reverse seems to be true.

Until long custodial sentences become the norm, heavy fines issued and life bans from being in possession of animals introduced, sadly Brock will have to endure continued persecution.

The community must not only be outraged by the contents of this latest expose but must make their voices heard loud and clear. Stand up for the badger!

Friend of the Badger

Co Down

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