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Sadly, it's just a numbers game for Vodafone

IT'S good news that some suppliers are actively trying to help people reduce their mobile phone charges. The Government is right to remind us all that checking the prices of alternative suppliers may help to save money.

Like so many, I expect, I failed to check the bills closely from Vodafone, with whom I had been a customer for nearly 20 years.

Calling landlines from my mobile phone cost me 14p a minute and, before I switched, my last monthly bill was over £170 – I did not even have a smartphone.

That was enough for me to realise that, with Vodafone, the relationship is just one-way.

Having tweeted and written to the chief executive, making clear that I think they are a bunch of reprobates, I received a letter from a so-called "customer operations director", which began: "We are sorry to see you go. We hope you were happy with the service we provided."

You couldn't make it up.


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