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Same old problems flagged up in Comber

I live just outside Comber and pass through every day and shop in the town. I find it extremely embarrassing that we have to look at the paramilitary flags that now seem to be flying all summer long.

The flags went up at the end of June and it is now mid-August. Every day when I drive through I wonder if they will be gone — but no, they are still there.

There is at least one UVF flag at every single roundabout and road leading into the centre of Comber, coming from all directions.

I counted four one morning and that is just on one side of the town.

I wonder why Comber is pushing its ‘regeneration' scheme so heavily in billboards throughout the area (all the way into Belfast even) and bothers to have a website such as to promote the town, when the first thing visitors will see when they arrive are paramilitary flags?

I am assuming that the town ‘regeneration' scheme does not include aligning itself with an organisation which has been linked with murdering small children in their beds?

I was also under the impression that is is illegal to fly paramilitary flags.

I know some will say that the flags represent the ‘old’ UVF but I would say that is rubbish.

I think it would be naive and silly for anyone to believe this when even the UVF Hospital in Belfast changed its name to the Somme Hospital and now the Somme Hospice.

When will the time come when our communities are not blighted by these archaic symbols?

Everyone who has come to our house this summer has been appalled when they drive through Comber.

Is it just me or are any other residents of Comber fed up?

C Murphy


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