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Same rules for MPs as rest of us

My mind fails to comprehend the audacity that MPs have when it comes to defending their right to take out a second job.

On the one hand, they say that there's nothing wrong with it; on the other, they constantly complain that they need a pay rise, as the amount of work that they do is so underpaid.

Well, which is it? Either you are overworked and under-compensated, or your workload is so light that you have enough time to take out a second job.

As MPs, they are employed by us; they work for us. As an employed person myself, I am not allowed to work for any other company than the one I am contracted to - the same should go for MPs.

The only second job a MP should do is voluntary work during their extremely long breaks within their constituency.

Much like the TV show Undercover Boss, they should be working within the lowest-paid jobs.

Maybe then they'd listen to and understand us.


Socialist Labour Party

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