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Same-sex couples are denied equal rights

STELLA Wilson, in her letter opposing equal marriage (Write Back, May 1), states that some factual errors need to be corrected, before going on to make some of her own.

She says that civil partnerships give same-sex couples the same rights as those that marriage gives. Sadly, this is not the case in Northern Ireland, when it comes to adoption/fostering.

Even if the child(ren) involved are the natural child of one of the civil partners, the other partner cannot legally adopt them.

However, if the couple were to remain 'legally' single, the other partner could actually adopt.

Stella also assumes that all those who are religious are either not LGBT, do not have relatives or friends who are, or do not support equal marriage. There are some (and in Northern Ireland these are a brave few) who stand up to their own denominations.

Sadly, those who are born gay only have the option of a civil ceremony and then have to go to the additional expense of a religious blessing – even if their faith group wishes to perform a marriage ceremony. I am sorry for Stella that she does not understand that those who want marriage want it so that they can be exclusive – whatever their sexual orientation.

There are plenty of examples through history (and, indeed, the Bible) of married people in multiple relationships, so by her definition marriage has been meaningless through greed and sexual avarice for centuries.


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